UnLogic II

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UnLogic II


Introducing the successor to  UnLogic and  Devon's Random Things, UnLogic II.
UnLogic II is a mod that adds all kinds of random and useful content. Have you ever wanted Minecraft to have bazookas? Paxels? A quick way to mine obsidian? Cake with magma cream icing? UnLogic II adds all of this, and much more!


When will it be available for 1.9?

For 1.9, this mod is being extensively redesigned from the ground up, and will be released as UnLogic III when complete. All of the core content will be getting a major overhaul, new content will be added, and all of the extra, random content that has nothing to do with UnLogic is getting cut out and put in a new mod, Fire's Random Things.


Update: UnLogic III has been canceled. Fire's Random Things has most of the content from this mod.

Mod Integration:
This mod has special integration(recipe changes or additions, better compatibility with the mods' features, etc) with the following mods:
Base Metals by DrCyano
Power Advantage by DrCyano
Steel Industries by J3FF97
Version Checker by Dynious

Real Stone Tools by The_Fireplace

Thaumcraft by Azanor

JustEnoughItems by mezz
Other Locations
UnLogic II on Planet Minecraft
UnLogic II Issue Tracker


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