Armor Stand Editor

Armor Stand Editor

Armor Stand Editor a simple to use mod, allowing you to pose/modify Armor Stand in game, without need to use commands or external websites. It was designed with survival usage in mind, so you can use it on your survival world/server without having to worry about it breaking the experience.

It is compatible with Fabric and Quilt and can work purely server side, allowing vanilla players to use all capabilities of it, while still being fully functional in singleplayer.


First you need to get flint (or other configured item). Then you just click with it Armor Stand you want to modify. Your hotbar will get replaced with setting selector (only visually, your inventory is untouched). By using right mouse button (use/place action), you can enter/activate action bound to it (which is described in its name). To change angle/value of movement/pose related options, sneak while having it selected and use scroll to change value up or down.

To go back you can click the barrier/icon on right side. To close it completely, press Q (drop item).



  "armorStandTool": "minecraft:flint",   // Item that acts as editor, can be from a mod
  "requireIsArmorStandEditorTag": false, // Makes item require nbt tag isArmorStandEditor of item
  "holdingToolSpawnsParticles": true,    // If true, player will see particles around armor stand while holding tool
  "useLegacyUiByDefault": false,         // Forces usage of legacy ui, not recommended
  "blackListedBuildInPresets": [],       // Removes default presets
  "allowedByDefault": [/*...*/]          // Actions allowed by default


Additionally, command /armorstandeditor uses armorstandeditor.commands.<subcommand or main>. Format of editors permissions looks like armorstandeditor.edit.<type>look at this file

For Armor Stand Editing you can give players armorstandeditor.use permission and for Item Flames armorstandeditor.useItemFrame If you want to allow others to modify entities disguised as Armor Stands, give them armorstandeditor.useDisguised permission,

By default, players can edit them as they want.