Armor Stand Editor

5,008 Downloads Last Updated: Nov 28, 2021 Game Version: 1.18-Snapshot

Armor Stand Editor

It's a simple, in game, server side Armor Stand editor. It's great way to allow users to add details in a simple way. Additionally, it's fully survival friendly, so it can be safely used on survival (and alike) servers.


Click with flint (or other configured item) in your hand anywhere to select action you want to perform. After doing so, click on armor stand to apply it. It's simple as that!


json5 { "CONFIG_VERSION_DONT_TOUCH_THIS": 1, "armorStandTool": "minecraft:flint", // Item that acts as editor, can be from a mod "requireIsArmorStandEditorTag": false, // Makes item require nbt tag isArmorStandEditor of item "toggleAllPermissionOnByDefault": true // Grants everyone permissions to every option in editor, } Additionally, command /armorstandeditor uses armorstandeditor.commands.<subcommand or main>. Format of editors permissions looks like armorstandeditor.edit.<type>, look at this file

If you want to allow others to modify entities disguised as Armor Stands, give them armorstandeditor.useDisguised permission


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