Unikitty Mod

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This is a mod I created for my daughter that adds in Unikittys along with a very OP armor.

Unikittys are basically just a copy of the ocelot mixed with the coloring aspect of the sheep, however they will not run away from player making it easy to tame them.

  • they can be tamed as pets using a golden fish.
  • breed using minecraft fish.
  • they can be colored using dye like sheep.
  • also like sheep different colored parents can breed a colored baby.
  • they will cough up hairballs (colored string) at the same frequency as chickens drop eggs.
    • 4 colored string can be crafted into wool of that color.

If named "kaena" with a nametag it will become a rainbow unikitty, like when a sheep is named "_jeb".

If tamed only the owner can change it's color, or it will hiss.


Drops when killed:

  • raw unikitty meat, can be cooked in furnace.

Player killed drops:

  • 4 string of the same color as the unikitty.
  • chance of dropping either blue crystal or unikitty horn.



  • They will spawn in forest & roofed forest biomes in groups of 3-5.
  • Default spawn colors are white, black & orange.


Armor is extremely OP & unbreakable.

Helmet adds:

  • night vision III
  • water breathing II

When wearing full set adds:

  • absorption IV
  • speed II
  • flight
  • strength IV
  • resistance IV
  • regeneration IV
  • haste IV
  • fire resistance IV


Recipes: - see images

  • Golden Fish
  • Unikitty Helmet
  • Unikitty Chestplate
  • Unikitty Leggings
  • Unikitty Boots
  • Wool (from 4 colored string)


Items Added:

  • Golden Fish
  • Raw Unikitty Meat
  • Cooked Unikitty Meat
  • UniKitty Horn
  • Blue Crystal
  • Fly Potion, Splash, Lingering, Arrow
  • String, in all Minecraft wool colors
  • Unikitty Armor


Please let me know if you have any issues.

  • Tested on single player & server.
  • Created in Eclipse.
  • Compiled with forge



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