Unified Resources


Unified Resources is a small server-side mod which unifies dropped items and recipe outputs.
That means you will always get the same type of copper ore. And no matter how you process that ore you will always get the same type of copper ingot.

You only have to install this mod on the server (Before you ask: Yes this mod also works in singleplayer).

How this mod works
- When an item is dropped into the world then that item instantly gets unified.
- When all datapacks are loaded (this can happen when a world is loaded or with the /reload command) then all recipe outputs are checked and unified.

- You can specify which mods should be prioritized in the unifying process. By default mods are prioritized by their mod id in ascending alphabetical order.
- You can also specify which item tags should/shouldn't be unified.

  • Redistributing this mod on other sites isn't allowed.
  • Redistributing this mod within modpacks is allowed as long as that modpack can be played for free by anyone owning an official copy of the Minecraft Java Edition.
  • Using this mod in videos that are publicly and freely available for everyone is allowed.
  • (When crediting this mod be sure to link the curseforge page and not some other site which redistributed this mod without my permission)