Unhealthy Dying

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If you ever wanted dying to have more consequences than just you losing your items/experience than this is the mod for you.

This mod reduces the players maximum health every time they die.


In the config you have the following settings:

  • minimumHealth: Minimum amount of health the player can end up with.
  • healthPerDeath: The amount of health taken from the player upon death.
  • reducedHealthMessage: When set to true it notifies the player about their new max health when they respawn.
  • HealthSetting: Decides if the reduced health is per player, for everybody, per team or per FTB Team (Only works when FTB Utilities is installed)

There is also a config option to enable regeneration of previously lost health.

The following settings can be changed for regeneration:

  • regenHealth: When set to true allows you to gain back health upon killing set target(s).
  • maxRegenned: The amount of max health the player can get from killing the target(s).
  • regennedHealthMessage: When set to true it notifies the player about their new max health when they respawn.
  • regenTargets: Adding lines / removing lines specifies which mobs will cause the players to regen max health. Syntax: modid:mobname,healthRegenned,amount, For wildcards use *. For instance [*:*,1,20] would mean every 20 kills regain half a heart", While [minecraft:*,1,10] would mean every 10 kills of vanilla mobs regains half a heart

You can use the following command to manually set the health of a player.

/unhealthydying sethearts [player] <amount>


This mod was made thanks to an idea from a MinecraftForum user by the name of rubisnosetti.



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