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Are you tired of your ores generating in rock? Do you want to grow your ore? Well, you no longer have to hope! Now you can grow ores in the form of berries.


Some of the features:

  • Most common ores have Ore Berry forms, Think vanilla iron and gold, but also modded ores like: Aluminum, Copper, Lead, Nickel, Osmium, Silver, Tin, Uranium and Zinc
  • Essence berries (basically solid experience)
  • Ore Berries can be put in a Vat and crushed by jumping on it, which will produce 150 to 200mB of Oreberry Juice which will evaporate into a nugget per 100mB
  • Ore Berries can be put into flowerpot (decorative)
  • Built in Botany Pots support


By default only Iron and Gold OreBerries are crush-able, the others will require a mod that registers a nugget to the proper tags!


By default Ore Berry bushes can only be planted in dark places only, but that can be switched per Ore Berry Bush in the config.

You can also configure the density, rarity, minY and MaxY per bush and enable/disable the Ore Berry bushes you don't want generating.


Disclaimer: This mod is inspired by the Slimeknights mod berries (Tcon / natura)




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