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Early-game modded Minecraft sometimes feels clunky (ˈkləŋ-kē [n.] - clumsy in style, form, or execution [Merriam-Webster]). You start a new modpack, ready to build your giant factories and pipelines and nuclear reactors and whatnot, but you run straight into an enormous brick wall of mining for resources and building boring infrastructure. Bleh!

Unclunkify is a mod that provides a small set of features and tweaks in an attempt to mitigate this clunkiness to some degree. Its main focus is on expediting the resource-gathering process. All features and tweaks are extensively configurable.


  • High-Temperature Furnace - Heats up over time while fueled, increasing in speed.
  • Ore Crusher - Furnace-fueled device that turns ores into two dusts. Note that Unclunkify doesn't add any dusts! You'll need some other mod that adds them for this machine to be useful.
  • Mining Explosive - Cheap, throwable explosive that destroys blocks as if with Fortune III.


  • Break Speed Tweak - Causes all blocks to soften, breaking faster with all tools.
  • Tool Efficiency Tweak - Causes all tools with efficiencies under a threshold to increase in efficiency.
  • Creeper Explosion Drops - Causes creeperes that explode to still drop some gunpowder. Useful for getting mining explosives more easily.


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