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Filename Unbreakable++-1.1.0.jar
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Uploaded Oct 13, 2015
Game Version 1.7.10
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This release does not break anything from the previous release. Therefore, it will not break your world if you update!


Release Notes

Unbreakable Wand is now craftable! No other features of the wand has been changed except for its name and the addition of the recipes.



To craft this amazing tool, simply place 3 sticks in the middle and 2 unbreakable blocks on each side.

Unbreakable Wand Recipe

To craft an unbreakable block, place an obsidian on each corner, gold block through the middle, and diamond blocks on each side.

Unbreakable Block Recipe




- Unbreakable Block



- Unbreakable Wand (Former Undestroyable Wand)