UberMiner 2


UberMiner 2 adds customizable tools and machines to make mining fun again. If you're bored of having to spend hours looking for ores, this is the right mod for you. It automatically breaks the ores and replaces them with stone.


  • Ore Attractor - item that scans for nearby ores and attracts them to the player inventory.
  • Uber Powder - It's very similar to a snowball, it captures and drops the ores it hits.

- - Tier I   - 5x5x5 area. Drops items on the ground.

- - Tier II  - 5x5x5 area. Drops items near player.

- - Tier III - 7x7x7 area. Drops items near player.

  • Uber Miner - energy powered ore miner

    - - Tier I   - 1x1 chunk area.

    - - Tier II  - 3x3 chunk area.

    - - Tier III - 5x5 chunk area.

  • Resource Miner - energy powered resource miner

- - Breaks all blocks that are not ores so you can break them with your favorite pickaxe.

  • And many more to come....



This is an updated version of UberMiner, I'll continue adding the items and blocks to this version so it matches the previous one.