Twilight Origins


Twilight Origins


This mod need Twilight Forest and Origins to work, is currently available for Fabric but has a Datapack available for Forge


Official Discord and datapacks available here or by the link





This mod adds 1 origin for each Twilight Forest boss, I plan to add custom origins in the future that takes inspiration in other features of the mod


Current Origins


Hydra: High vitality, fire based powers, carnivore (Has a secret power to eat the Minoshroom Stroganoff, used by holding it in main hand and pressing Save Toolbar, default C)

Ur-Ghast: Ranged attacks, reflects damage and deals bonus damage while under 1/3 health

Minoshroom: Bonus damage while running and using axes, leap power while holding axe in offhand, can craft minotaur axes and can eat raw mushrooms to get buffs (Red: Regeneration, Brown: Resistance, Crimson: Strength, Warped: Fire Resistance, Mushgloom: Night Vision)

Naga: Bonus move speed, only capable of wearing up to chainmail armor (Exception for steeleaf and naga sets), not being able to wear leggings and boots (Exception for Naga leggings), immunity to various debuffs, poison on hit and arrows, throws potion that gives debuffs

Phantom Knight: Natural armor, retains armor after death, translucent, slow, AoE damage, immunity to most damage types, can summon spectral horses

Yeti: Bonus health and natural armor, high AoE damage, can pick up entities, can't use magical abilities in hot places, fire is only extinguished after entering water, can only use leather, fur and chainmail armor

Lich: Magical beams that do damage and other that creates an explosion, 6 hearts of health, can enchant golden armour to get various properties, burns in the day, can create a barrier of shields and is an undead

Snow Queen: Freezes enemies that hit you, ignores damage greater than 2 hearts, 5 hearts of health, natural frost walker, encases enemies in ice and fires volleys of damaging ice


Planned Content


  • Updating for newer versions
  • Adding more origins ( Twilight Golem, Experiment 115, Twilight Dancer, Disciple of the Ram and more)


Contact and Suggestions

For suggestions and contact, I have a forum on the Official Twilight Forest discord (you can find it here), you can leave suggestions there and in the comments below, you can also message me on Discord -


the fall(tfpn)#0361




Shoutout to mathgeniuszach for developing the Origin Creator website, this mod was completely made there and I recommend it to others that don't have any idea on coding and still want to make some custom origin