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WIP mod created during MMD SpookyJam 2019

Features several interesting mobs:


Phooka (pronounced "Poo-kuh") :

Will offer to tell you a riddle - answer right and you will get a bonus (maybe items, maybe effects). But answer wrong and you will be cursed!


Mysterious energy emanates from this glowing mass. Do you dare approach it? Who knows what will happen when you do!

Will O' The Wisp:

Creatures who serve the Wisp and will lead you to it. Harmless on their own.

Possessed Pumpkin:

Is that a Jack-O-Lantern over there? Wait, it moved - or did it? Every time you turn your back, this sneaky pest will creep ever closer, quickly hiding whenever you look its way. 


Planned features:

Better natural spawning, spawn eggs, and more mobs!


Credit to TheOneTraveler for ideas regarding the Phooka :)