Cloud Boots (Forge/Fabric)

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Cloud Boots

...mod adds two items, one of them are Cloud Boots from Chocolatin's Mod called "Chocolate Quest". Unfortunately, Chocolate Quest mod wasn't updated since 2015, so I made these for the latest version of Minecraft! There's no big difference between boots. But good news is that Chocolate Quest is ported to 1.12.2 by other modders and it's going to be ported to 1.16+ as well! Check out Chocolate Quest Repoured!


What do they do?

Cloud Boots - grants wearer 15% additional speed, jump boost V and the most important - immunity to all kind of fall damage. They have the same stats like diamond boots and can be enchanted. Can be repaired with Golden Feathers and gold ingots.

Golden Feather - if player holds item in main or second hand, grants immunity to fall damage. Golden Feather has durability of 385. Can be repaired with gold ingots. Can be worn in Curio/Trinket slot, if Curios API/Trinkets (Trinkets 1.17.1+) is installed.



  • Golden Feather:

  • Cloud Boots:



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