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This mod adds the ability to play the Java version of Minecraft on a touchscreen tablet, running Windows or Linux, based on a x86 / x64 architecture.
The goal of the project is to allow using MCPC totally keyboard-free and mouse-free, without compromising any features of the game, including mods!

You can activate it by using the Touchscreen option in the Controls configuration menu.

There is not much left to say right now... This will be completed soon.


This mod is principally tested on Ubuntu 16.4.3, with touchegg installed.


You can contact me on github or this discord. Disclaimer: This mods needs to run an executable files which is downloaded at first launch! (See Github)
Another note: Windows support may have issues currently. Please fill a github issue if it doesn't work!


The package touchegg is required for this mod to work on Linux, not on Windows.



My main focus is updating it to 1.12.x. Those willing to test the current state can download some builds from here : .



I am not the original author, who is tschrock, he stopped developing this mod, so now I do.

Original thread by tschrock :


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