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When you're updating from 0.11.0 or earlier, it is recommended to back up your worlds beforehand!

Due to the increased exposure Totemic got recently, we have been made aware of common points of confusion and struggling. We want to make Totemic mechanics more intuitive, give feedback when a player did something wrong and point to solutions. The HUD additions and the new Totempedia entry in this update should be a first step towards that goal.
Wind Chimes also got a much needed update, as their random nature made them unreliable in Ceremonies unless you spammed a bunch of them. That will be a thing of the past.

  • Wind Chimes:
    • Will now play in random but more or less regular intervals, making them more reliable
    • Will stop working when you place more than 3 of them close to each other. Please stop spamming them.
  • Adjusted Ceremony difficulty to take the changed Wind Chimes into account
  • Ceremonies should now be slightly easier in Easy and Normal difficulty and about the same in Hard difficulty
  • Added a Totempedia entry that gives some tips on how to succeed with Ceremonies
  • Ceremony HUD:
    • Will now display selecting instruments
    • Will also display the remaining duration of Ceremony effects
  • Rite of Spring Ceremony:
    • Now requires food items for breeding animals, although it has a chance of not consuming the food
    • Can now breed Villagers using Emeralds
    • Increased duration and breeding speed
  • The screen will no longer flash when the Night Vision potion effect (e.g. from the Enderman Totem effect) is about to end, the effect will fade out over a few seconds instead. This can be disabled in the configuration.
  • Now requires at least Forge version
  • Selecting by sneak+leftclicking on Drum and Wind Chimes is now possible in Creative mode without breaking the blocks
  • Added particle and sound effect when carving Totem Poles
  • The structures generated in villages no longer contain Red Cedar wood
  • Fixed missing localization on Red Cedar Sapling tooltip
  • Fixed a crash that can happen when Totemic recipes are removed/altered
  • Baykok can no longer spawn in blocks and suffocate

API changes (version 7.0.0):

  • Removed all the previously deprecated methods and features
  • Ceremonies now have to have 2 selectors
  • Changed the Ceremony startup time multiplier for Hard difficulty from 0.9 to 0.875
  • Removed the time constants in the Ceremony class
  • Updated our Privacy Policy. Just kidding, this is old now.

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