Torohealth Damage Indicator Reformed


This Project is based on Torohealth Damage Indicator by ToroCraft, but support 1.20+.
if the project restarts and support 1.20+, this project may stop.

(I already sent pull request....)


please do not report bugs to ToroCraft(original creater) that may arise with this port ! He will not and cannot help with those


With ToroHealth Damage Indicators a health bar will appear in the top left corner for the entity in the player's crosshairs.

Please refer to the original version description for details.


[Additinal Feature]

1. show entity's extra infomation, like horse's speed and jump power, Panda's Gene, and so on.

 in config file,two parameter added.

    "showExtraData"・・・・true/false. when true, these extra information is shown.
    "showDataType"・・・・NONE/MINMAX/PERCENTAGE. horse data format.
           NONE : value only.
           MINMAX : MinValue/value/MaxValue
           PERCENTAGE : value(Percentage) Percentage=(value-MinValue)/(Maxvalue-MinValue)%


2. fixed some bugs.

3. add ja_jp translation.