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Filename Topography-1.12.2-1.2.0.jar
Uploaded by Blargerist
Uploaded Mar 17, 2019
Game Version 1.12.2   +3
Size 1.52 MB
Downloads 253
MD5 114f0a537489486761132099e701954a
Supported Java Versions
Java 8
Supported Minecraft 1.12 Versions


  • Added example preset "Overworld". An overworld generated using the new generators.
  • Added generator OverworldGenerator. Generates base overworld terrain and handles biome block replacement.
  • Added generator BiomeBlockReplacementGenerator. Handles biome block replacement. Slightly different to the overworld.
  • Added generator IceAndSnowGenerator. Generates ice and snow in cold areas.
  • Added generator VanillaDungeonGenerator. Generates vanilla dungeons.
  • Added generator VanillaAnimalGenerator. Generates animals.
  • Added generator VanillaCaveGenerator. Generates vanilla caves.
  • Added generator VanillaDecorationGenerator. Generates vanilla decorations. Trees, ores, etc.
  • Added generator VanillaLakeGenerator. Generates vanilla lakes.
  • Added generator VanillaRavineGenerator. Generates vanilla ravines.
  • Added dimension option generateMineshaft(). Generates vanilla mineshafts.
  • Added dimension option generateVillage(). Generates vanilla villages.
  • Added dimension option generateStronghold(). Generates vanilla strongholds.
  • Added dimension option generateTemple(). Generates various features. Swamp huts, igloos, desert pyramids and jungle pyramids.
  • Added dimension option generateMonument(). Generates ocean monuments.
  • Added dimension option generateMansion(generator). Generates vanilla mansions. Takes another generator to find spawn positions.

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