Tool's Complement


Tool's Complement

__Active Development__: Minecraft 1.18.2

Website: Team CoFH

Discord: Team CoFH Discord

Tool's Complement adds weapons and armor for most standard metals. A lot of this was once in Thermal Foundation in 1.12.

This mod has been redesigned to be more Vanilla+ friendly, though it still plays well alongside the Thermal Series.

This mod requires CoFH Core. It can be found here: CoFH Core


  • _Client_: tools_complement-client.toml file located in /config
  • _Server_: tools_complement-server.toml located in the /saves/WORLD_NAME/serverconfigs folder.

Copying this file to your /defaultconfigs folder will apply those configs to all newly created worlds.

Dedicated servers will have this file in /world/serverconfigs


This section describes features available for the version under active development. Older versions may have different features.

There are currently 9 metals supported, each with a Tool and Armor set. Standard Minecraft tools are provided, as well as 4 new ones:

Hammer - AoE Mining

Excavator - AoE Shovel

Sickle - AoE Plant Clearing

Knife - Faster Attack, Lower Damage Sword

Each of these tools is also provided in standard Minecraft materials (Iron, Diamond, etc).

Sets 1

Sets 2

Sets 3