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Every block has baked in whether it can only be harvested with a tool. And if so, which tool class and which harvest level of the tool is required. For example, Redstone ore requires a pickaxe with at least the mining level 2, while glowstone can be harvested with an empty hand. On the other hand, every tool has baked in the information, what kind of tools it is and if used as such a tool, which harvest level it has. For instance, an iron pickaxe is a pickaxe - and only a pickaxe - with mining level 2, where a paxel is a combination of a pickaxe, an ax, and a shovel.

This mod allows you to modify the tool class and the harvest levels of each class for all tools. You can also modify the required tool class and the harvest level for blocks. This allows mod pack makers to define a progression for tools.

Changed Game-play

This mod adds a Waila/Hwyla Plugin, which tells the player when a block is not harvest-able and gives hint, what tool is required. It also adds the name of the mining level to the tool-tip of all pickaxes.

Without any overwrites defined in the configuration files, this mod does not alter the gameplay. This mod is intended for Modpack makers, who can add overwrites as they see fit.


See the wiki.


Please report any issue you find in the  Issue tracker. Or bring the salt directly to my discord.

Known issues:

  • WAILA Harvestability is lying to you. If you define a block overwrite, which changes a block to require a tool that didn't require one before, WAILA still shows, that the block is harvestable. Don't worry though, you can break the block. Also, just use the bundled WAILA plugin.
  • Though overwrites for Tinkers' Construct tools can be made, they aren't applied to existing tools, as this information is stored in NBT-data of the item itself.


Yes, you can use this shitty mod in any mod pack you like. This includes redistribution as a part of a mod pack. If you make a shitload of money, please send some beer and pizza.


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