Too Many Efficiency Losses

Last Updated: Feb 22, 2019 Game Version: 1.12.2


Dec 12, 2018

Owner: CaffeinatedPinkie

This mod will remain solely for Minecraft 1.12.2 until such a time that Extra Utilities 2 is updated.

Gives the user ultimate control over Grid Power in Extra Utilities 2.

I love Extra Utilities 2. I really do. But the efficiency loss is horrible. Say you have a water mill farm of 36. You lose nearly 50% of the energy because of this. As you add more and more water mills, the efficiency gets worse and worse until the benefit of any more tapers out. Unfortunately, there is no option to disable this feature. That's where this mod comes in; it fixes this and more.

The end goal of this mod is to allow a much greater level of customization within Extra Utilities 2. There is also considerable effort put into making the code extremely dynamic so that future updates to Extra Utilities 2 will take only miniscule adjustments to accommodate, if any at all.

Make sure to report issues that you have.


  • Option to disable efficiency loss.
  • Option to disable GP.
  • Options to change the GP production rates for each generator individually.

Built With


  • Add option for lessened efficiency loss, instead of completely disabling it.
  • Add option to disable any recipe from Extra Utilities.
  • Allow the Extra Utilities config to be edited in game.
  • Investigate (and fix) shift click crash in Extra Utilities.

Next Update

  • Added refresh() to TooManyEfficiencyLosses instead of calling individual methods in ConfigTMEL when options are changed.
  • Added requiredMods property to
  • Added time elapsed to logged messages that signal the end of an operation.
  • Added useDependencyInformation to Not having Extra Utilities 2 installed shows an error message rather than crashing.
  • Added useMetadata annotation to TooManyEfficiencyLosses.
  • Changed all Extra Utilities 2 modifying classes to instances that extend ValueModifier.
  • Created a generic ValueModifier class which everything that modifies Extra Utilities 2 fields extends.
  • Created a ValueModifier annotation to automatically discover children classes and register them for load operations.
  • Loading stages changed to call a generic method that records the time spent for the operation.
  • Logger replaced with one specifically for mods. It looks nicer, is less obtrusive, works on servers, and runs faster (probably).
  • Machines now refreshed when toggling GP.
  • MCP Mappings updated to snapshot_20180814.
  • Minecraft Forge updated to
  • Moved forEachGeneratorType() to the main mod class.
  • Moved log messages during initialization to their specific classes.
  • Renamed a bunch of classes in an attempt to better describe their usage.


You are allowed to use this mod in any modpack, with or without credit.


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