Lightning Tweaks

17,051 Downloads Last Updated: Jun 4, 2020 Game Version: 1.15.2

Gives you some extra control over how lightning behaves in Minecraft. The main feature is to make lightning strike the tallest object in an area.

This mod also encourages the use of lightning rods and coming features will only make them more beneficial. Why bother with a lightning rod? Well, lightning that hits a lightning rod and not a different block will not create fire. If it hits a tree, the whole thing will probably burn down. You can still be hurt if you're standing on the rod, of course. Make sure to report issues that you have.

A to-do list is available on the GitHub page.



  • Exceptions for affecting tridents and skeleton traps.
  • Fire isn't created when lightning strikes a metallic object.
  • Option to control how much fire spawns around lightning.
  • Option to make lightning strike the tallest nearby block or entity (as long as it is grounded).
  • Option to specifically disable fire created from lightning bolts.
  • Optional Hwyla tooltip that states whether a block is metallic.
  • User-defined filters for what blocks and items are considered metallic.


Tested Compatibility



You are allowed to use this mod in any modpack, with or without credit.



If Google Translate is to be believed, the one below is in Russian. It's a video showcase.

The next one is an installation guide and showcase of the mod, along with some other weather ones.


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