Tomb Many Graves

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Thanks for your continuous support! :-)


Please let me know if you have any suggestions/comments/complaints; I want to make this a mod that can be adapted to every style of gameplay!


For those who don't like to read:

Check out the amazing spotlight done by Rorax!


Tomb Many Graves adds just one block: a grave. You can't craft it, you can't harvest it, but it's important. Upon a player's death (assuming you haven't disabled graves in the configs, but if you do that why did you install the mod?), a grave block will be spawned that contains all of the dying player's inventory (including Baubles) and a chat message telling you the exact location of the spawned grave will be given to you.


Graves will adapt to the block beneath them (to some extent); if you don't die on a "suitable" ground substance, the grave will appear with the dirt texture (or as just a floating head in the case that you weren't even on the ground when you acrobat you...).


Adaptable graves


By default, only the player who died can get the items from their grave by sneaking over it while it is unlocked. All other players will simply pass through the block. Wait...unlocked graves? What are those? By default, only the player who owns the grave can toggle whether a grave is locked or unlocked by shift-clicking it (in the image below, unlocked graves are on the left, locked are on the right). When a grave is locked, no player will be able to obtain the items in it. (This is useful if you need to make the area "safe" while sneaking so you don't accidentally pick up your items if you aren't ready for them.)


Locked and unlocked graves


The graves are smart (they have a head after all...) and will remember which inventory slot had which item when you died. When you retrieve your items, the grave will attempt to place them back in their original slots (Baubles included, if you have it installed). Any item in the grave whose original slot is not empty will instead be placed at the player's feet, similarly to if you had broken another mod's grave.


Graves are indestructible, so the only way to remove one is to have the original player retrieve their items, or have a creative member break the graves. (If broken in creative, the graves will drop all of their items on the ground.)



Each player now has a friend list!

/tmg_friend [player]

will add a friend to your list (if that player is currently online, you can use TAB to auto-complete their name)

/tmg_removefriend [player]

will remove a friend from your list (again, use TAB to auto-complete any names already in the list)


will display all your current friends in chat.


Players in your friend list will be able to interact with your graves in the exact same way you can (lock/unlock/retrieve).

Restoring Inventory

Unless you have turned off this feature in the configs, every time a player dies a file will be generated that stores the contents of their inventory/baubles. As long as you have permissions (OP/cheats are on), you can use the following commands:

/tmg_restore [player] <timestamp>

/tmg_drop [player] <timestamp>

The first command will restore the inventory similar to walking over a grave while the second will drop the items at the location of the player instead. You can use TAB to auto-complete any player's name who is currently online and to auto-complete any time stamp for which there is a file created. (The format for the time stamp is yyyy-MM-dd_HH-mm-ss.) Note that the file will not be created if the game rule "keepInventory" is marked to true, nor will it be created if the death event is cancelled "too soon" (for example, if a player is wearing the Golden Laurel Crown from Botania upon death, the crown will be destroyed as normal, the player will live, and no file will be created).


NOTE: As of the 1.0.2 update, you can also use "latest" as a time stamp to retrieve your most recent death file.

Death Inventory Lists


Assuming you haven't disabled the death inventory files mentioned in the previous section, upon re-spawning after death you will receive a list of all items you had on your body when you died. Right-clicking with it in your main hand will open the GUI; throwing the list on the ground (via "Q" or drag/dropping it while your inventory GUI is open) will destroy it (that way you don't have to keep it around). 


If, by some chance, you accidentally destroyed your list, you can get a new one by using the command


/tmg_getdeathlist [player] <timestamp>


(Remember you can use "latest" as a time stamp, assuming you've died after updating to 1.0.2.)





Extra Stuff

You may use this mod alone or in a pack in accordance to its license. Feel free to let me know you're including it in a pack; it's fun for me to see how it's being used!


If you want to get a hold of me quickly, you can find me on Discord:


Please report any/all bugs on the issues page of github (if the issue is for the 1.9 version, please state so in the issue report). If you have suggestions for features/additions/changes, please let me know! I will listen to the suggestions and maybe implement a few! :-)


Please note: As of the release of Minecraft Forge for 1.9.4, I will not be developing TMG for 1.9 (I will still fix bugs if they are reported, but I will not be adding any new content unless I feel incredibly inspired), and all the new development will be for 1.9.4.



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