The OG ToggleSneak back in 1.7.10. Supports toggling sneaking, sprinting, and fly boosting.


To explain the controls:

Holding the key will cause the mod to go to "hold mode". Release the key will stop sneaking/sprinting

Merely pressing and releasing the key quickly will go to "toggle mode". Press again will toggle sneaking/sprinting.

The mod will switch between these 2 modes depending on how you press the sprint/sneak key.


Note: Fly boosting only works on creative mode and it may not be allowed by some servers.

Note: Sneak toggling may be considered bannable on some servers. Please refer to their server rules. You can disable this feature via options.


Originally coded by u/ScrobDobbins. Updated by Ringosham for newer Minecraft versions.


If you are looking for a 1.8.9 version, go here for the original version

If you are looking for 1.15 or above, toggle sneak and sprint is already built into the game. Check your accessibility settings.


Versions below 3.3 require PlayerAPI. Obtainable in this GitHub repository


Configs are accessible from "Mod configs" from the title screen and pause screen.


Screenshot: (You can see this is Minecraft 1.12 because of terracotta blocks)


Please report any bugs in the issues page


If somebody can contribute a better icon that would be nice...