Real Time Chat Translation Mod

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Do you have players speaking in a language that you don't know? Do you have problems communicating with them? This mod can break the language barrier by translating the Minecraft chat in real time! All translation results are powered by Yandex and Google.

NOTE: Translation results may not be 100% accurate.

NOTE: This mod is client sided! You can just install this in your client! No server required!

Minecraft forum link:

Please post in the forum if you have any problems.

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Get forge. Put the .jar to your mods folder of your Minecraft instance.

To get started. Press [Y] in the game. (Key bind can be changed in options > controls > multiplayer > Chat translator)

Check the forum page for more information (Screenshots, development status, blah blah blah).


 Please check the forum link for the FAQs. Curseforge's editor sucks so bad that I can't copy and paste.

Development status: (If you want to know what takes so long for updates and please stop asking when will it update)


Due to my busy academic schedule, upcoming updates will only be bug fixes. Sorry guys, I don't have time to add any new features but they will be in the backlog.


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I am not responsible if you got malware by downloading the mod other than from Curse.
All YouTube reviews should link the mod to this forum thread, not the download link directly.
You can include this mod in your modpacks, but I would appreciate if you could tell me about this.

Online translation services are provided by Yandex and Google.

 Any feedback is appreciated!


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