Titan Trinkets

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This was made for my specific modpack.  You can use it if you find a need.


When making a story driven modpack, sometimes the dev needs to have an item the player goes forth to retrieve.  "Go kill XYZ boss and retrieve the Magic Talisman of Cheesiness".  In order to actually create the Talisman, the dev would need to repurpose an item thats already in the game.  They may, for example rename chicken Feathers to "Magic Talisman of Cheesiness", and put them on the bosses loot table, just to have something physical drop for the player.  


Obviously that's not really a great way to get around the problem.  So I needed a small library of random trinkets and things that I could repurpose for my story driven modpack.  So I whipped up a few quick textures in MCreator to fill that purpose alone.  


These are simply "RPG-like" items that have no recipes and no function.  The sole purpose of these is to be given a recipe and purpose by the modpack dev.  In other words, these can be renamed, added to drop lists, used as hardmode recipe materials, given as quest rewards, or whatever fits the story and lore you give them.


The mod itself does nothing other than provide these empty items.


If you happen to be making a modpack and want some horribly textured items to repurpose, feel free to use this mod.


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