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Picking up the slack on what vanilla lacks!



TinyPieces is a small vanilla+ mod for 1.14.4 forge. It adds just a few blocks, items, and tweaks that vanilla is missing. Does not go over-the-top and isn’t trying to be another Quark. Almost all features simply make use of pre-existing items or blocks, with nothing really “radical” added. TinyPieces is highly configurable, and each feature can be fine-tuned to fit your needs.


Current Content:



Mossy Stone: No, not Mossy Cobblestone or Mossy Stone Bricks, Mossy Smoothstone. This block generates naturally in biomes with a FOREST or JUNGLE tag. It can also be created by crafting Stone with Vines, or from using Bonemeal on Stone.


Quartz Ore: Quartz that may generate in the Overworld, but only under lv 20, and generates in clusters smaller than Nether Quartz.


Water Puddle: A thin sheet of water that may generate in caves in WET biomes. It can also be created by shift-right-clicking on a solid block with a Water Bottle.


Ice Glaze: A thin sheet of ice that may generate in caves in COLD biomes. It can also be created by shift-right-clicking on a solid block with a Water Bottle in COLD biomes as well.


Nether Rods and Red Nether Rods: Created with 1 Blaze Rod and 1 Netherbrick item for Nether Rods, and 1 Blaze Rod, 1 Netherbrick item, and 1 Nether Wart for the red variant. Basically a fiery version of the End Rod, perfect for Nether-based builds or Nether-based lighting. Each recipe yields 4 rods.


Nether Gold Ore: A slightly uncommon ore found in the Nether. When mined, it drops at least 3 Gold Nuggets, but this number can be increased with Fortune. I mean, Piglins had to get it from somewhere right?



Cooked Egg: Do I need to explain this? Finally a use for those chests of Eggs. Pop those bad boys in the furnace and enjoy!



Biome-Based Caves: Depending on the biome a cave generates in, the walls and other such decorations may change to reflect that biome. For example, in caves in FOREST biomes, the walls of caves may be mossy, while in caves in DESERT biomes, the walls will be encased with Sandstone, etc.


Pigs and Rabbit Litters: When breeding Pigs or Rabbits, they may produce up to 4 babies rather than always just 1.


Chickens Shed Feathers: Chickens will drop Feathers at about the twice the rate the produce Eggs.


Coloured Sheep Stubble: Sheep will show their wool colour on the stubble after being shorn, rather than always showing the stubble as white.


Rabbits Spawn in Forests: Rabbits may now spawn in any biomes with the FOREST tag


Wooden Stairs make 8: So you don't lose literally half of the raw materials.


Bonemeal Flowers: When a flower of any sort is Bonemeal'd, it will spawn in more flowers on valid blocks around them.


Respawning Shulkers: Shulkers may now respawn on End Boats and in End Cities on valid Purpur blocks.


Cave Spiders spawn in Caves: In caves in FOREST or JUNGLE biomes, Cave Spiders may spawn



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