Tinkers' Survival

28,553 Downloads Last Updated: Jun 6, 2019 Game Version: 1.12.2


Early game is pretty much non-existent in Minecraft. Punch a tree, craft a few items, done! This mod creates a very early game (first few nights) progression that leads directly into Tinkers' Construct tool making. If Constructs' Armory is installed, a progression into armor making as well!

Major Features

  • Vanilla and vanilla-like tools and weapons don't work for players, but are usable by NPCs and craftable for recipes.
  • All tool progression is based around Tinkers' Construct tools and weapons.
  • The only way to make wood planks is with a saw. (configurable)
  • A proper harvest tool must be used. Works correctly, and configurable!
  • Crude tools are necessary to create items needed for crafting Tinkers' tools.
  • Constructs' Armory and Tough As Nail integration
    • If using Constructs' Armory, all vanilla and vanilla like armors are disabled (configurable)
    • If using Tough As Nails heating/cooling armor is available with or without Constructs' Armory
  • Tinkers' Tool Leveling and Immersive Engineering support
  • Should not conflict with major mods
  • Modpack friendly


There are quite a few features, be sure to check out the wiki!


Anyone interested in contributing with testing or feature planning, please message me. Or, please join our Discord server.


We also released the Tinkers' Survival Official Modpack! Enjoy. :)


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