Tinkers' Steelworks (fork)

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Tinkers' Steelworks

This is a port to 1.7.10 of Tinkers' Steelworks by Toops. (you should go read his mod description, I didn't want to steal it and it's awesome)

No but really, go read it.

You're still here aren't you?! Alright!

The Very Boring Mod Description Of DoomTM

Liquefying things

This mod is an expansion to Tinkers' Construct based around steel production.

It provides a new structure called the High Oven; Guess what it does: it smelts things! (well melts really). A bit like the Smeltery with one or two differences. For one it uses an internal temperature to melt items instead of direct fuel (is this technical enough yet ?). You can use charcoal, alumentum or coal coke to make the internal temperature rise.

Also, the high oven won't allow alloys to form. In fact it won't even melt your ores if there already is a different liquid in the internal tank.

But man, I gotta smelt my ores ya know :(

Don't worry, we've got exactly what you're looking for ! Introducing The Deep Tank: a new multiblock structure that will allow you to store multiple kinds of liquids in one tank ! (tank glass sold separately). You can use any glass type you may wish and there is no size limit (as long as it's a cuboid). Don't trust these Fancy Fluid Storage guys, our tanks are the backbone of the minecraft industry! (don't sue me your tanks are cool too)

Why is your mod called Tinkers' Steelworks ?

Oh yeah, you can make steel; here's a tuto:

Just put some sweet iron to the left, then gunpowder, redstone and sand in the oxido-something slots and you're good to go!

If this all sounds too complicated, don't worry: The guy I stole this from left some kind of manual, everything you need is probably somewhere in there.

Mod Support

  • Minetweaker (Documentation)
  • Botania's Exoflame: it speeds up the temperature rise
  • Tinkers' Construct: I mean, obviously.
  • Chisel: limestone and scorched bricks
  • Waila
  • Not Enough Items nope, but soonTM


You're 150% allowed to use this mod in your modpack. And anything else that the CC-By-3.0 license allows (though if you're going to modify it, get in touch to see if we can include your modification in this fork).


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