Magic Feather

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Dumbo and his magic feather

Magic Feather is my take on a more balanced Angel Ring from Extra Utilities.
It adds a feather that grants the player creative flight while within the range of an active vanilla Beacon.
This allows the player to enjoy the benefits of creative flight while building, without making exploration trivial.


Magic Feather has built-in compatibility for Baubles in 1.12, and Curios in 1.16+.
You can also check out its sister mod, Configurable Beacons, it will let you configure the area of effect of a beacon.

In 1.18.2+, this mod uses Points Of Interests to find beacons. This means that currently this mod is incompatible with Radium Reforged, as Radium Reforged changes how POIs work. This may change if Radium Reforged fixes the issue.

Magic Feather is currently a Forge-only mod, looking for Magic Feather for Fabric? Try Shulker Charm or Beacon Flight :).

You're free to use this in any modpack.