Tinkers' Steelworks

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Tinkers' Steelworks aims to be a total expansion to Tinkers' Construct by adding new material processing concepts to early and late game. The mod is centered around steel processing, but also will add unique types of tools, utilities, items, mobs, and more.

Steel should be a material you work for. One does not simply create steel using common household furnaces. Steel work is an art and a labor of love. It requires special planning, meticulous measurements, and a closed chamber environment which can contain temperatures hotter than ghast buggers.

TL;DR - Steel yummy. Mod do good. Cook real hot.



The High Oven is a multi-block structure that smelts raw materials into liquids. Sound familiar? Yeah? Well shut up and wait your turn. This baby burns like a bad rash in the nether region. Additionally, it has slots to do your black magic science with - specifically, oxidizers, reducers, and purifiers. What are those? I don't even know, but it sure works swell when you put materials like gunpowder, redstone, and sand in them, respectively.

Also, this bad boy doesn't want your stinkin' lava. Lava is simply too impure and thus unpredictable. No my friend, you want to know exactly what chemical compounds are brewing within this chamber, and that's why we use only one specific type of material: charcoal, or blocks of charcoal. Why? here's what an extraordinarily well-groomed dragon told me one night while I was busy chopping down manly trees for my manly log cabin in the manly wilderness:


KimiroDragon: ...steel isn't just an alloy, it's also a complex crystalline structure. The initial materials play a huge role in the final product (as a bonus, this is one of the few places charcoal would work better than coal, due to impurities like sulfur), but it's how the steel is handled that determines it's ultimate resilience, tensile and shear strength and even corrosion resistance. From what I've gleaned, the molten phase is almost always performed under a nitrogen atmosphere (and when it's not that, near-vacuum), the materials are as precisely measured as is feasible, and following the initial melt the composition is tweaked with various additives (other metals like manganese, more carbon, sometimes even oxidizers or reducers to remove impurities like the aforementioned sulfur - all determined by the final use for the metal). As well, once it's cast...

...omg, stop right there. What does any of this have to do with cheeseburgers?

Now obviously, that was a lot of scientific mumbo-jumbo that suggests you would use the High Oven like this:


Results may vary. Please contact your physician if you experience nausea, vomiting, headaches, diarrhea, balding, internal bleeding, external bleeding, metaphysical bleeding, swelling, excessive sweating, the inability to sweat, or spontaneous combustion.



"But Toops!" you cried, "How does one obtain such a magnificent piece of craftsmanship?" To that, I reply, "Well, there's good news, and there's bad news. Which do you want to hear first?" After a moment's ponderous pause, raise an arm, one finger extended. Then, upon careful reconsideration, you drop your hand, face forming a frown. Then, suddenly, you raise your arm back up again, finger once more extended in the air. You drop your hand again. Before you can continue this cycle of madness, I proclaim "The bad news is: some assembly required." Your frown amplifies. Your lips begin to quiver. "The good news is, it's very simple, but it takes some persistence. You begin by coating clay bricks or clay brick blocks with molten seared stone. Then..." You begin to tear up. Suddenly, you were eaten by a Grue. -"Steelworking and You, Volume 6" Chapter 2

Oh, so you really did want me to hold your hand? Well fine, but I warn you, I just ate a whole bag of Doritos with bean dip. Dump some molten seared stone on a Materials and You manual. Doing so reveals the manual's hidden content. Alternately, you can just use any normal book, but really, this way is soooo much cooler.


You've played with Tinkers' Construct before, haven't you? The next step shouldn't come as a surprise. Unless you always play in mamby-pamby creative mode, and if that's case there's a handy-dandy tabby-wabby for you to clicky-clacky with your ittew finger-wingers.




Order now and receive configuration options for rebalanced recipes, like the classic anvil!


And the timeless Flint and Steel:


Hold it right there! The offer gets better! By ordering within the next five minutes you'll also receive Forge Microblock support! Imagine the things you can do with that! Want more? How about chisel recipes? AMAZING!


And much, much, more! Absolutely free!*

*Some restrictions may apply. Anyone living in any Minecraft world outside of Toopsylvania may be charged $22.95 for shipping and handling and an additional $3.50 to pay off the Blockness Monster.



-Doesn't work with casting channels.
-The temperature display will jump around a little when draining any molten liquids. It's more of a minor visual bug than anything.
-Similarly, the fluid gauge will act a bit... silly when it fluids have reached its top. Again, a minor visual glitch.



mDiyo and the SlimeKnights: From whom much code was stolen borrowed referenced stolen.
-Gyro: Code Contributions, being generally awesome
-wisthy: Code Contributions, also being awesome
-Vexatos: Translations
-The Viking Warrior: Translations

These people are gorgeous and cunning, and helped inspire the mod to its current state~

-xeronut: Brainstorming
-KimiroDragon: Brainstorming, Playtesting
-ruyan: Swanky Banner
-#TinkersConstruct on irc.esper.net: luls


For suggestions and feedback, check out Tinkers' Steelworks on MinecraftForum.
The source is also hosted on Github, located here.
The project outline sheet is hosted on Google Drive, located here. This is merely an overview of plans for the mod's contents, all subject to change.


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