Tinkers' Skyblock

960,157 Downloads Last Updated: Dec 16, 2018 Game Version: 1.12.2

This small mod adds several items, aimed at reducing the earlygame downtime in skyblock maps. Because honestly, nobody likes sitting there mining cobble for half an hour, or trying to gather enough wood, while hoping not to starve because you didn't get any apple drops.

There are several specialized tools, which are given to the player when he spawns. Compatibility with island mods etc. may not be possible yet. The tools are not modifiable, but also have infinite durability.


When you encounter conflicts with other mods you can use /give-skyblock-tools <playername> to hand out the tools.


Bane of Cobble

A Pickaxe specially designed to be used for a cobblegen. Infinite durability, can only break stone blocks, very fast speed. When used with a lava & water cobblegen it doesn't consume the cobble block, allowing for fast continued harvesting.

Bane of Logs

A Lumberaxe specially designed for chopping down trees. Infinite durability, can only harvest logs.

Bane of Leaves

A Scythe specially designed to harvest leaves. Infinite durability, Can only break leaves but drops the leaf blocks.

Personal Space Enforcer

A frying pan with large knockback, but no damage. Keep those pesky enemies away.

Wooden Hopper

Simple earlygame hoppers to allow early automation. Only 1 slot and slower than their metal counterparts. Cannot be controlled via redstone. They use RWTemas DietHopper hitbox, so you can click past them.

Removed as of 1.0, now in Tinkers' Construct itself.