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Tinkers' Golems Addon

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Available for Minecraft 1.7.10 through 1.12.2!

This mod is an add-on to Extra Golems. Using blocks from Tinkers' Construct, you can now build golems to help you fend off monsters! Each looks unique and some have special abilities, as described below.

Tinkers' Golems Addon adds the following golems to the Minecraft universe:


  • Ardite Golem: 224 health, 19 attack, fireproof
  • Cobalt Golem: 228 health, 18 attack, fireproof
  • Congealed Slime Golem: 30 health, 3.5 attack, massive knockback attack
  • Firewood Golem: 20 health, 6 attack, lights mobs on fire
  • Knightslime Golem: 228 health, 18 attack
  • Manyullyn Golem: 300 health, 22 attack, fireproof
  • Pigiron Golem: 164 health, 10.5 attack, baconlicious (drops bacon while attacking)
  • Seared Block Golem: 48 health, 6 attack, fireproof
  • Silky Jewel Golem: 198 health, 18 attack


  • Brownstone Golem: 38 health, 4.5 attack
  • Clear Glass Golem: 12 health, 11 attack


Config Settings:

Toggle which golems can be built in-game

Adjust health and attack values for each golem

Toggle special abilities of the following golems: 

  • Firewood Golem 
  • Congealed Slime Golem

Tweak special abilities of the following golems:

  • Congealed Slime Golem:  adjust knockback power
  • Pigiron Golem: adjust bacon-drop chance. Set to 0 to disable.


Extra Golems -- the file version includes the version of Extra Golems used. For example, Tinkers' Golems 3.05-x requires Extra Golems 3.05.

Tinkers' Construct -- use the latest non-alpha, non-beta Release for your version of Minecraft