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 This mod is an add-on to Tinkers' Construct for 1.16 and adds new weapons, materials, and traits.


New ingots



  • Mace: Bonks enemies with increased knockback
  • Naginata: It's a knife on a long stick
  • War Hammer: Powerful but slow. Right-click the ground to blast enemies away. Complemented by Knockback, Blasting, Haste, and Range modifiers.



Three new materials, all created with the Tinkers Smeltery. Alas poor Yorick, you'll need to use JEI to discover them and learn their recipes.



Vengeful - The more kills you make with a tool, the higher the attack damage bonus.

Liftoff - Knocks nearby enemies up, up, and away when you strike the ground with it.



vengefulDamageCap - applies a cap to the damage bonus for a weapon with Vengeful trait. Default is 0 (no cap).


Mod issues

Please log any issues or feature requests on the Gitlab issue tracker.


Modpack makers

Feel free to include this in your modpacks


Special thanks

Slimeknights - Authors of Tinkers Construct and Mantle

Princess of Evil - For code references

Void Guardian - For the weapon textures