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This mod adds a Disenchanter block that will let you disenchant enchanted items and transfer their enchantments onto books. The Disenchanter will remove the first enchantment from the item and transfer it onto a book. If you shift-click the output book, the Disenchanter will try to transfer all enchantments onto all available books, assuming you have enough experience and books to cover the cost. You can use the random_enchantment config to pull a specific enchantment off an item by placing and re-placing it in the input slot until the desired enchanted book appears in the output. Actually choosing the enchantment is on the roadmap.



How to Use

  1. 1. Put an enchanted item into the left slot
  2. 2. Place a book or stack of books into the middle slot
  3. 3. Enchanted book will generate with the first enchantment from the enchanted item
  4. 4. Taking the book will remove that enchantment from the item and give you the book



  • 1 Anvil
  • 1 Enchantment table
  • 2 Gold ingots
  • 3 Obsidian





Config options

  1. 1. requires_xp: Does disenchanting require experience?
  2. 2. xp_cost: Relative scale (1 - 10) of how much XP the disenchanter costs to use (lower requires less XP)
  3. 3. random_enchantment: When true, the disenchanter will pick a random enchantment from the item. Default value is false, which is existing behavior. Introduced in version 1.4.



Known bugs

  • Doesn't play nicely with any sort of automatic extraction blocks, like hoppers / conduits / cables. There is no restriction on output to blocks that transfer items, so attaching any can cause it to function improperly.
      • Please log bugs on the issue tracker here.



BDCraft packs


Modpack makers

      • Feel free to include this in your modpacks.


Special thanks

      • McJty for his Forge modding tutorial for 1.14
      • Tsudico for his Disenchanting mod for Fabric
      • akharding91 for the BDCraft textures


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