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Filename TConstruct-1.16.5-
Uploaded by KnightMiner
Uploaded Aug 25, 2021
Game Version 1.16.5   +9
Size 9.62 MB
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  • Tool stats now build on create for all tools instead of just non-multipart. Only affects tools that did not already build stats
  • Blazing bone tools now render fullbright
  • Fix material registry not syncing to players on LAN worlds
  • Fix bloodbone repair item using the wrong fluid to cast
  • Fix mob pathing around table blocks. If any blocks still have weird pathing let me know as its hard to catch them all


  • Pathing, stripping, and tilling now work on durability hand-held tools instead of harvest
  • Bucketing, firestarter, glowing and offhanded now only work on handheld tools (will affect armor later)
  • Glowing now deals less damage to the tool when the tool is reinforced or has other damage reduction methods
  • Correct blasting tooltip having too low of a value
  • Lightspeed, haste, fiery, and unbreakable now render brighter on tools


  • Drowned now melt into water
  • Mob heads now melt into the respective mob's fluid. Notably blaze heads melt into blazing blood
  • Fix smeltery drains being invalidated if placed next to a pipe that fetches fluid capabilities on block neighbor change
  • Fix heater consuming buckets when using lava buckets as a fuel source. Currently spits them out on the ground. Figured that is not a big deal as you really should be using a seared tank if you want to use lava, its far more efficient
  • Fix mob pathing around several smeltery blocks


  • Terracubes now drop bricks if killed while one fire
  • Slimes now are more consistent with vanilla, including follow range and update speed. This may affect spawning rates as well, needs more testing
  • Slimes now can spawn anywhere in the world on the appropriate grass color in the appropriate dimension
  • Rename slimy grass after foliage type instead of dirt, as foliage type has unique behaviors related to slime spawning
  • Fix earth slimes having no pick block


  • Shurikens now make a sound when thrown and should be slightly more efficient
  • Fancy frames reworked:
    • Clear frames now render the item slightly larger
    • Cobalt was replaced with diamond, which slowly rotates the item back to upright
    • Jewel was removed as we no longer have silky jewels (and it basically looked like gold)
    • Gold frames slowly rotate the item
    • Manyullyn frames render the item fullbright
    • Netherite frames are immune to explosions
  • Fix shurikens causing the player to move faster when thrown


  • Added content to Tinkers' Gadgetry about world and gadgets added by Tinkers. Should cover everything except slimeboots and EFLN, as both are subject to major changes in the next couple alphas
  • Updated blazing blood section in Fantastic Foundry with head melting and piglin bartering
  • Encyclopedia now states the ideal damage amount to deal for max fluid output from melting
  • Correct book descriptions about tools that start with piercing
  • Fix typo on the blasting page
  • Fix Thruul in puny melting looking about 20 pounds too heavy
  • Fix encyclopedia listing wrong value for tank modifier

Data packs

  • Material JSON now supports syntax to redirect a material to another material
    • Useful if an addon material gets added to the base mod, or if an addon wants to automatically disable a material when another addon is loaded
  • Fix materials added by datapacks not showing the "added by" tooltip


  • Repackage some internal modifiers. If you were using any of these, let me know so we can consider if they belong in the public API
  • Interfaces for harvest and shear modules are now extracted into the public API
  • Modifier models have a new hook to allow adding extra parameters apart from the name


  • Tools now bake colors into the model instead of using ItemColors. Means they should render a bit faster and the colors handler is no longer needed for tool parts (modifiers use the tools one so that is still needed)
  • Materials now support setting a luminosity to make the material appear to glow slightly
  • Tank models now render the fluid in the item model as fullbright, and no longer require a color handler to be registered in code
  • The normal and breakable models now support options to set color and luminosity
  • Fix missing texture on tank models with small amounts of fluid

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