Time Blocks

1,016 Downloads Last Updated: Nov 16, 2016 Game Version: 1.11

Time Blocks gives the player the ability to quickly adjust what time it currently is in the world. To begin, craft a Time Tinkerer, this item is required to interact with the blocks that control the time. Every tick that the time tinkerer is in a players inventory throughout the day, and the player is exposed to daylight, the time tinkerer gains one adjustable tick*. There are then six variants of the time block that can be crafted, one for morning, noon, evening, midnight, rain, and shine. Each block when right clicked with the time tinkerer adjusts as much world time as it can to get to that point. If it is morning (0) and the midnight (18000) block `is right clicked with the time tinkerer, if the time tinkerer has 18000 adjustable ticks, the time is changed to midnight. For the weather blocks (Rain and shine), it uses the actual amount of game ticks until it will change the weather, so if there are 10000 ticks until it will rain, the time tinkerer will take 10000 adjustable ticks to make it rain, or if it only has 5000, it will change the amount of ticks until it rains by 5000, so it has the greatest effect possible.


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* Open to suggestions, the main concept of this mod is that players other than those who are op can adjust what time it currently is.


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