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So first off, this mod was made for use between my friends and I on a private server. I'm uploading it to curseforge so that I'm able to include it in the curse modpack for the server my friends and I play on.


Comments go on curseforge not curse.

If you like the idea of the mod, feel free to download it and use it.


Two Blocks:

Magic Chest: Holds one item and one magic card. The item updates every time the tile entity ticks. The player who owns the magic chest or a player on the magic card, must be online in order for the update to occur. Potential uses include Tinkers Construct tools being left in there to auto-repair, or the Heart Canister/Lunchbox.

Display Table: Holds up to 25 items and simply displays them on top.



Lunchbox: Holds up to 100 food, when eaten restores your food from the food stored. If upgraded to an automatic version feeds you as needed.

Heart Canister: Holds 100 or 1000 hearts depending upon the tier. When right clicked takes health from the player and stores it in the heart canister, when shift right clicked heals from the hearts stored. Again can be upgraded to an automatic version, this version will keep the players health at one below their maximum until the heart canister is full.

Magic Card: Right click to "Sign" the magic card, can hold lots of signatures. Place it into a magic chest in order to share the magic chest with other people. To get a magic card, throw a piece of paper beside an enchantment table.



Most recipes should be viewable from NEI/JEI. To upgrade an item to an automatic version combine it with a nether star and a bucket. You can combine an automatic large heart canister and automatic lunchbox together to create one item that functions as the two.

Fill lunchboxes by placing them in a crafting grid with food items.

Combining two lunchboxes creates a lunchbox with bigger storage, same applies to heart canisters.

Lunchboxes can also be dyed.



There are some commands from the essentials plugin included in this mod.

- Afk, Back, Burn <Player> <Time>*, Delhome <Home>, Depth, Enderchest*, Extinguish <Player>*, Feed [Player]*, Hat, Heal [Player]*, Home <Home>, More*, Mute <Player>*, Ping, Pvp <On/Off>*, Repair*, Sethome <Home>, Suicide, Tpa <Player>, Tpaccept, Tpdeny, Whois <Player>

Commands marked with * are op only.


And that's about it. Again I'm not expecting mod downloads, I just want to be able to easily include it in my modpacks.


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