Tierify is a flavor of Tiered made with the purpose of fitting my own personal vision, and to fix some issues it had. It is a fork of TieredZ by Globox_Z, which is an MIT licensed Tiered fork.

The original mod, Tiered, is inspired by Quality Tools. Every tool you make will have a special modifier, as seen below:

Preview of a Legendary Netherite Chesplate


Tierify expands upon Tiered by changing various things, but keeps its mod id and API packages the same, to make it compatible with preexisting addons.

  • Mythic Quality

The "Unique" quality was replaced with a red-themed Mythic quality.

  • Plates

Qualities may now be displayed with plates, this is a clientside feature and is configurable, comes enabled by default.

  • Reforging Tiers Reforging doesn't require Amethyst anymore, now instead it uses 3 new ores obtainable
    • Tier 1: Limestone (Overworld) Allows reforging tools to Common, Uncommon and Rare qualities.
    • Tier 2: Pyrite (Nether) Allows reforging tools to Uncommon, Rare, Epic and Legendary qualities.
    • Tier 3: Galena (End) Allows reforging tools to Rare, Epic, Legendary and Mythic qualities.


Tierify is a mod built for the Fabric Loader. It requires Fabric API & Necronomicon API (and Synitra Connector if on Forge/NeoForge) to be installed separately; all other dependencies are included inside the mod.


  • Draylar1 for making Tiered, the original mod.
  • Globox_Z for making TieredZ, a fork of Tiered which Tierify is based upon.


Tierify's code is licensed under MIT. You are free to use the code inside this repo as you want as long as you meet the license's conditions. Newer assets (Such as Limestone, Pyrite and Galena ores) are All Rights Reserved, and you may not use them without explicit permission.