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A basic Permissions Manager for Forge, Allows OP's to specify what commands a player can use.

Recommended to use my Forge Essentials with this: Thut Essentials

Players are automatically added to the default group, which is originally called "default" but can be renamed via /tperms renameGroup.
Commands/Permissions:                                                                    Description:

/addGroup <name>                                                                               Make a Group 

/removeGroup <name>                                                                         Delete a Group

/renameGroup <oldname> <newname>                                             Rename a Group

/editGroup add <player> <group>                                                       Add player to a Group
/editPerms <group> <perm> <true/false>                                          Add permissions to each group
/editPerms <group> all <true/false>                                                   Give a group all permissions
/editPerms <group> reset                                                                     Reset a groups permissions

/editPerms allowUse <set>                                                                    Flags all players as OP if <set> is true(May Cause serious issues with mods that do not use permissions, This does fix red no permission errors)
/editGroup suffix/prefix <group>                                                          Set prefix/suffix for the group if ThutEssentials is in.

/copyGroup <group> <groupTo>                                                          Copy permissions to another group


/groupInfo player <name>                                                                     Tells what group that player is in.

/groupInfo exists <group>                                                                     Shows if group exists

/groupInfo hasPerms <group> <perm>                                               Checks if group has perm  

/groupInfo members <group>                                                              List all Players in that group       

/groupInfo groups                                                                                   List all current groups.

/groupInfo listCommands                                                                     List all commands on server. 

/groupInfo perms <group>                                                                    List  all perms in a group

The command should be command.<whatever comes after />, so and example, the /me command from vanilla is:

The information is saved in  permissions/permissions.json in the world save directory  Moved to /config/thutperms/thutperms.json as of version 2.1.10


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