9,827 Downloads Last Updated: Aug 15, 2018 Game Version: 1.12.2

This mod allows the player to build Crafts out of blocks, then convert them to be mobile, and then fly them around, and re-convert them to the blocks they started as.


Initial usage:


Step 1, rename a stick as "Craft" in an anvil

This will be used for converting the blocks to a craft.


Step 2, build your craft in the world, currently stairs are used as seats, and at least 1 is needed to be able to control it.


Step 3: Shift right click one corner of the craft with the stick you renamed "Craft"

the A red outline will start.

Step 4: Shift right click the other corner you want to be the rest of the craft:

A red box will outline the area which will turn into the craft, when shift right clicked, it will make the craft.

you will notice that the selected outline for the blocks disappears when it is made into a craft:


Step 5: right click the seat (stairs) to sit on the craft, you may also walk/jump on it, but you must be seated for the controls to work.


Once seated, you can use spacebar to go up, left ctrl to go down, and wsad to go various horizontal directions.


If you wish to convert your craft back into blocks, shift right click it with a blaze rod.



If you have any issues, or need help, either post an issue on the issue tracker, or you can find me here on discord


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