Thut Bling

147,638 Downloads Last Updated: May 4, 2019 Game Version: 1.12.2

Ever wanted to be able to wear jewelry in minecraft, and have it actually show on your player? That is what this mod is for.


Thut Bling will add many types of accessories for your player to wear, and eventually they will be customizable via crafting recipes (currently only obtainable via creative mode)


The accessories will also be customizable, with different icons to display on them (currently only customizable via nbt editing).


This requires ThutCore and Thut Wearables, which provides 13 accessory slots for the player, they are as follows:


2 ankle slots.

2 ring slots.

2 arm slots.

2 earring slots.

1 glasses slot.

1 hat slot.

1 belt slot.

1 bag slot

1 necklace slot.


This mod currently provides an accessory for each of those slots besides the bag slot (I will probably add a bag in at some point as well).


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