9,498 Downloads Last Updated: Aug 17, 2016 Game Version: 1.7.10

ThermalShade is more of a patch that fixes broken duct cover rendering when using Thermal Dynamics with ShadersMod.

This mod makes a few adjustments to Thermal Dynamics to correct the problem.  It modifies a value in the Thermal Dynamics code and disables the holes in the duct covers.


Details of the problem:

The ShadersModCore mod overrides the vanilla tesselator with it's own version that stores 18 integers per vertex.

This causes a lot of problems with Thermal Dynamics and it's bizarre yet clever duct cover tesselator code that relies on the standard 8 integers per vertex of the original tesselator.  This mod changes the Thermal Dynamics expected tesselator vertex size to match the changes made by the ShadersModCore mod.  The Thermal Dynamics code to create holes in the panels also has issues with ShadersCore mod and causes it to crash outright.  I wasn't able to fix the Thermal Dynamics holifier code so I just disabled it.


Issues and workaround:

Do not use this mod without ShadersMod installed or it will crash Minecraft.

If you remove the ShadersMod then you need to also remove this mod.


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