Thermal Smeltery Redux

33,690 Downloads Last Updated: Jun 2, 2016 Game Version: 1.7.10

This an update to Drullkus's ThermalSmeltery. It removes all of the incomplete extra things that lingered in versions later than 1.0.1, and fixes compatibility with other popular TinkersConstruct addons, like ExtraTiC. Drullkus said that ThermalSmeltery would "theoretically" work with those addons, but when it didn't I took matters into my own hands. Enjoy!


Is this supposed to be used alongside Drullkus's ThermalSmeltery?

NO! This is meant to be a replacement for that version, hence why it has been called a redux. Using this alongside Drullkus's stuff would defeat the purpose of using it entirely.


Will I lose anything in my world if I swap out the old version with this?

No, you shouldn't. I've tested this myself in my modpack of 300+ mods, and everything transitioned perfectly. If you encounter a situation that proves otherwise, please report it ASAP.


May I use this in my modpack?



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