Metal Chests

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Current Features:

  • Adds a variety of metal chests!
  • Differs from Iron Chests by having NO Dirtchest900, Crystal Chest or Iron Shulker Boxes!
  • Significantly increased performance over Iron Chests (minimal update code, independent chest update rate, etc.)
  • Unique customization for inventory size, upgrade path & holding enchant bounds if Thermal Expansion is present!
  • Right-click holding redstone to make a chest trapped (do the same to remove the redstone)!
  • Regular upgrades can be applied to ANY oredicted chestWood or trappedChest!
  • If Thaumcraft is installed, adds Metal Hungry Chests and Upgrades! (crafted via Arcane Workbench)
  • If Refined Relocation 2 is installed, adds Metal Sorting Chests!
  • If both Thaumcraft and Refined Relocation 2 are installed, adds Metal Sorting Hungry Chests!
  • Has a clean & simple API to assist developers in adding compatibility!




Upcoming Features:

  • More metal variants!


Some old videos:

Curse broke things, so here's some links:


Texture credit to:

  • CyanideX for the original metal chests
  • wiiv for the hungry metal chests
  • BoundaryBreaker for everything else


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