Thermal Smeltery

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This is a very short mod that adds the capability to melt metals in the Thermal Expansion Crucible into Tinker's Construct Metals.

This mod basically adapts every TiCon Smeltery recipe to the Magma Crucible. In theory it should add recipes from mods adding TiCon Smeltery Recipe as well, namely Extra Tinker's Construct.

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Does it double the ores when smelting?
Yes it doubles the ores.

Can I use this molten metal to make tools/ingots/blocks?
Yes, it's the same molten metals as TCon.

Can I stick a faucet to the side of the Crucible and pour into my casting table/basin?
As long the Crucible can output to that side, yes. (Set that side of the machine to orange.)

So wait, is this all the mod is going to be?
A RF Smeltery is in the plans (Thermal Smeltery, if you please) and may come out some day.


This mod is nice and everything... I'm sorry, but it can be done with Minetweaker...
Yes, while you're right, you would have to manually add every recipe. That's no fun, is it?


I don't want this icky extra stuff! I just wanna convert the smeltery recipes to the Magma Crucible!
I recommend that you download Thermal Smeltery version 1.0.1 for 1.7.10 or 2.0.0 for 1.10.2. Those versions add literally nothing but the Smeltery recipes to the TE Magma Crucible.


Version 2.0.0 for Minecraft Version 1.10.2 does not convert recipes that involve Tool Parts yet. Unsure if this can be done in the future.


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