The Whetstone Mod

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The Whetstone Mod

The Whetstone Mod is a Minecraft Modification that allows normal Stone to rarely drop a new item, the Whetstone.

The Whetstone is used to sharpen, or "Hone" an Iron Sword or Iron Axe increasing it's Damage Output by 1, thus matching that of 

the Diamond equivalent.

How to obtain

The Whetstone is a non-craftable tool item that is dropped rarely from stone (default 1 in 1000 chance). It is affected by Fortune

and the drop chance may be altered from a Config file: feudalrox_whetstone.

Creative players can find the Whetstone in the Tools tab.

Crafting Recipes

There are two recipes added by The Whetstone Mod

See it in action

I have put together a quick mod showcase demonstrating The Whetstone Mod.


 Questions and Answers

Q) What is the drop rate of Whetstones?

A) Default 1 in 1000


Q) Does the mod have a config file?

A) Yes, called 'feudalrox_whetstone'


Q) Can the drop rate be changed?

A) Yes, from config


Q) Does the Whetstone work on all Weapons?

A) No, just the Iron Sword and Axe


Q) Does the Whetstone work on Modded Weapons?

A) No.


Q) Can I use this in a mod-pack?

A) Sure, mod-packs are awesome.


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