The Undergarden

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Filename The_Undergarden-1.18.2-0.7.1.jar
Uploaded by Quek04
Uploaded May 30, 2022
Game Version 1.18.2   +1
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The Undergarden 0.7.1
- Smog Vents now produce upward bubble columns when in water
- Smog Vents now deal damage when stood on, similarly to magma
- Smog Vents now produce a fancier smoke particle
- Smog Spires biome now has the same ambient particle as the Barren Abyss
- Smogstem trees are now normally skinny, to grow a wide one you need to plant four saplings
- Wide Smogstem trees are less common
- Fixed issue where Undergarden grass blocks weren't tillable with hoes
- Gloomgourd Stems can now place Gloomgourds on anything tagged as dirt
- Fixed issue where many Undergarden ore items were improperly tagged
- Fixed issue where Ink Mushroom was not in the Undergarden mushroom tag

- Reduced hitbox width of Rotbeast
- Gwibs now only attack you if you're in the water
- Reduced amount of liquid springs that generate in the Undergarden
- Wigglewood saplings now sometimes grow into a taller variant

- New Shiverstone Bricks textures
- New Rotbeast sounds
- Tweaked Boomgourd primed sound
- Refactored all Undergarden sound events to follow the vanilla sound event name format
- Updated Gronglet burn sound
- New Barren Abyss ambient addition sound
- Removed breaking particles from Gronglets
- Changed Cloggrum Lantern breaking particles
- Boomgourds are now ignitable with Ditchbulb Paste
- Gwiblings now rotate up and down when swimming around