The Undergarden

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Filename The_Undergarden-1.16.5-0.5.5.jar
Uploaded by Quek04
Uploaded Sep 30, 2021
Game Version 1.16.5   +1
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The Undergarden 0.5.5

This will be the last 1.16 update. The 1.17 port is in the works!

- Added Masticator sounds for later use
- Tweaks to basic Undergarden ambience
- Added the Mog, a passive lesser spirit of the Undergarden. Can be be sheared and bred
- Added Mogmoss, obtained from shearing Mogs. Can be used to make some blocks
- Added Depthrock Bed, a way to sleep and set your spawn in the Undergarden using native materials. Made from Mogmoss and Depthrock
- Added Mogmoss Rug, a decorative block for your home away from home
- Added ability to put a saddle on Dwellers and mount them
- Added Underbean on a Stick for controlling mounted Dwellers
- New Stoneborn texture & slight model tweaks
- New Nargoyle model & texture
- New Dweller model & texture
- New Sploogie model & texture
- New sounds for Dweller and Brute
- New textures for Stripped Smogstem Log, Glitterkelp (block), Smogstem Sapling, both Dweller meats, Depthrock Pebbles (block)
- The Smogstem's canopies has been made wider
- Fixed issue where giant Veil Mushroom's veils had unlocalized names
- Fixed giant mushrooms floating
- Fixed giant mushrooms generating on top of each other
- Tweaked generation of Virulent Mix in Mushroom Bog
- Updated Chinese and German translations (thanks to WuzgXY and AmberGoop respectively)
- Buffed Cloggrum tools' harvest level and mining speed
- Buffed swing speed of Cloggrum Battle Axe
- Added Forgotten Battle Axe and respective advancement
- Removed Rotdweller
- Fixed issue where mobs would spawn on top of Smog Vents, causing them to stand there and burn to death stupidly