The Otherside

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"The Otherside"

Gravestones and wooden crosses generate in the world. They drop gravestone shards and haunted splinters respectively. New rare type of flower - halflower. Upon killing villager or animal mob, there's a tiny chance that their soul will stay in the overworld, spawning a Happy spirit. These souls are harmless little ghosts that can be given halflowers to escort them into afterlife, they'll give you a little reward for this. If you break a gravestone or if a Happy spirit stays in the material world for too long, it will transfrom into an Unbound spirit - a tormented ghost that is trapped between worlds. It will roam around, stalk villagers and players, play scary sounds, move dropped items around and randomly apply negative effects like unluck, slowness and hunger. Spirits can not be damaged by physical attacks, exceptions are potions and Bounding SwordBounding sword is crafted with gravestone shards and haunted splinters in a form of stone sword. It's the only tool that can banish ghosts from this realm. Upon "death", ghosts will drop soul fragments. Using soul fragments, gravestone shards, halflowers and iron ingot, you can craft otherwordly ingots. These are the final crafting materials for this update.
Recipes are:
Soul Trinket - item that serves as endless halflower, giving player the ability to unbound ghosts peacefully without spending resources
Totem of Revengeance - upon player death with this in either hand, a vengeful spirit will spawn. It will haunt the area player died in, attacking hostile mobs and other players. It starts taking damage randomly the more it lives, similar to vexes. It is guaranteed to vanish after 60 seconds.
Otherside Armor - crafted by smithing chainmail armor pieces with otherwordly ingots. Upon taking damage, player has a chance to become invisible, or, if they have less than 3 hearts, temporarily switch into spectator mode for 2.5 seconds with blindness effect.