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Eti's Mod // The Ori Mod


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This mod is in beta testing! It is not entirely production ready, and is missing most of the planned features. This is your fair warning that the mod will be lacking in features and probably be a bit buggy. Use this in modpacks freely, albeit at your own risk. 


// The Ori Mod

This is a mod intended to create a hybrid gameplay style between that of Minecraft and that of Ori.


// Why Eti's Mod if it's an Ori-related mod?

This is mostly because of Ori's lore - it's undefined (on purpose) and up for user interpretation. Since this mod plans to have a lot of features, that requires some lore explanation, and as such, it contains my personal interpretations of mechanics in the lore. Simple as that!


// Compatibility

Eti's Mod will only be developed for Minecraft Forge. I have no plans to move to Fabric, especially considering the nature of the modifications this actually makes to the game. Sorry if you were one of the people that migrated. 


In terms of behavior with other mods, I have taken every step imaginable to ensure that my mod is as compatible with other mods, including:

  • The spirit armor model renderer is UV mapped to vanilla armor textures. By extension, this means that all modded armors (* that don't use a custom model) are compatible with Spirits!
  • Spirits can hold items and have punching animations so that it at least looks mostly nice.
  • The system used to modify the sounds played by spirits now uses @Inject mixin annotations, giving other sound mods the opportunity to properly affect Spirit sounds!
  • Spirits are balanced for vanilla environmental interactions, oriented to playing recklessly with their motion rather than in combat scenarios. This should ideally scale to other mods, but just be warned that things are going to generally be harder as a Spirit. This is intentional.


// More Information

 Check this out: https://github.com/EtiTheSpirit/TheOriMod/wiki


// Rights & Modpack Usage

  • Ori isn't mine. The mod is. It's fan content. All the copyright stuffs for Ori are accessible via https://orithegame.com/
  • Use this whenever and however you please. Unlike the N word, you have full reign over how you want to use this mod, be it personal or public modpack. What, you think I made this mod just so I could manhandle it and say you can't use it? Pssh.
  • Follow the license if you plan to republish this work anywhere. It's a thing of courtesy.