The Mysthical

14,564 Downloads Last Updated: Aug 3, 2022 Game Version: 1.18.2  


Awaken your inner alchemist! Experiment with ores, chemicals and organic materials, explore their power and create more powerful tools, charms and more. 




You can get 5 new rings that will provide you with positive potion effects, 3 magic swords with different characteristics to which you can assign powers, homunculous that you can incubate in jars and many more things



 Netherrack Monster: big and strong, it appears in the nether wastes, you must kill it to get its core, but be careful, if you break the core it can explode

Imp, it flies and attacks you, if you click on it with a syringe you can steal its blood, which you will need for your magic objects


mandragora, appears when you break its plant, screams so much that it damages all mobs within a radius of 9 blocks, its corpse is used for healing bandages. will have more uses in the future



boxer: defends you from hostile mobs and attacks mobs that you attack, follows you

chest: follows you and has a chest where you can put items

pig: gives you 4 pork chops if you rigth click her with a shear, then his skin changes to a one without meat, and after a time regenerates his meat, then you can repeat the process

failed: When a jar with a homunculus fetus finishes gestating, there is a small possibility that instead of the homunculus that you were gestating, this hostile mob appears

 cow: you can milk him, the milk gives you regeneration effect

explosive homunculi: follows you, explode when attack enemies


  all homunculi except the failed one have regeneration. If you want the boxer homunculus and the chest to stop following you, you must click them while sneaking




alchemist: He appears in the alchemist's house, he will sell you homunculus DNA and jars of tartaric acid to make homunculi, he also sells you the magic necklace to make the other necklaces, and he buys you demon blood






silver deals extra damage to undead and blocks damage them when touched


new structures!!! alchemist's house (plains and tundra)



subscribe to my youtube channel, soon I will upload tutorials on how to make homunculi and more









New snapshot

the magic katana was removed from the inventory

sword upgrades were removed

3 new items were added:

the essence of fire: dropped by blazes
the icy essence: dropped by strays
The Dark Essence: Dropped by Whiter Skeletons

These essences are used to assign powers to magic swords on the swording table instead of upgrades.

added a new keybinding

Y: mana liberation

activates powers that are increased by wearing silver objects









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